A unified management platform

for all your delivery channels

All your restaurant needs (Orders, Menus, Reporting, Manage, Payments) with YasssGo plattform

How YasssGo works?

The easy way to manage your takeaway orders in your restaurant


Delivery order

YASSSGO receives orders from the different aggregators (Uber-Eats, Glovo, Just Eat…) and centralizes them in a single device at the restaurant.


Acept order

YASSSGO injects the orders into the restaurant POS system and prints the orders to be prepared and the customer bill / invoice



YASSSGO sends and receives information to the riders (orders, status, delivery times, etc.)

Connect your POS with all delivery platforms

Out fo the box – YasssGo is integrated with all aggregators

Chosen over 2,500 Restaurants

YasssGo platform the world leader plattform choosen by over 2.500 Restaurants

Why YasssGO?

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